Aeon - 4th drop is here!

Ren Jewelry - Aeon 4th drop

The 4th drop of our Aeon collection is finally available online!

Inspired once more by vintage aesthetics, classical shapes and patterns that are always fresh and elegant. Quality gemstones and silver 925, our usual path in creation, compose this drop of designs. We introduce for the first time the London Blue Topaz, a very precious and unique gemstone type. This time we focused on creating sets with new and older designs of our Aeon collection.

Photo shoots took place in Vienna, Austria. If our Aeon collection was a city, Vienna is for sure the most suitable. This trip inspired us even more and this is the reason that some of this drop designs, took their names from some famous Austrian sights.

Choose your favorites HERE!

Ren Jewelry - Aeon collection Ren Jewelry - Aeon collection