Nina Kavvatha: The most iconic Greek female barber

The story says...

Nina a.k.a @the_gingerwitch, moved to Athens a few years ago, following her dreams. It's been about 5 years now she met traditional barbering and fell in love with it. She joined Joy's Birth barbershop team where she is serving her classic haircuts until today.

She loves anything old fashioned, retro and vintage. Aesthetics from 50's and 60's are her main influences and that's why traditional barbering became her "thing". You can hear swing, blues or some jazz notes even just looking at her working. Jewelry is another huge passion of her. Rings, rings, rings...everywhere! And at this point, it's our moment to shine...

Our Aeon collection, our most vintage designs until now, found their muse. 

Thank you Nina.

Enjoy! ;)