Jewelry care

Sterling Silver (Silver 925)
As stated on all our products, all our jewelry is made of silver 925 exclusively in our workshop. Silver belongs to the category of precious metals and it stays as it is in time but the rest of the of the materials of the 925 alloy tend to get oxidized by nature, over time. Their oxidation occurs due to their exposure to ambient air and due to the pH of the human skin and sweat in some cases. You must wear them during shower and get them washed with you so they always be clean and shiny. In case of natural oxidation appears, you can use a soft piece of cloth or some specific jewelry cleaners available on the market (ask us about) to clean them. If there is a strong oxidation effect, we suggest the following:

1) Create a mix of soda and water.
2) Apply a small amount of it to the surface of the jewelry.
3) Rub it with a soft cloth or a clean soft toothbrush.
4) Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean cloth.
Do not put too much pressure on the rings or bracelets with adjustable size as due to the property of the metal, it tends to harden and sometimes break. It will be good to know the exact size of your finger or wrist for the best possible construction to your measurements and to avoid such cases.
SOS: Do not wear your jewelry when visiting the hair salon as the dyes and products used there contain chemicals that will damage or even destroy your jewelry.

Gold plated 24K
The base of our jewelry is sterling silver 925. The gold plating is a thin layer of gold on the silver base. In order to maintain the color of the jewelry over time, special care and attention is required as it is not the natural color of the jewelry, but its coating. Gilding wears out naturally over time and we can only slow it down. It is recommended to avoid contact with any chemical products (perfumes, lotions, creams, etc.).

We undertake the cleaning and refreshing of your jewelry, restoring it to its original shine and texture. Contact us for further information.